Elon Musk has presented plans to fly to Mars

Elon Musk presented plans to fly to Mars

There has never been such a bold, detailed and realistic vision of a flight to Mars. Elon Musk, known for his innovative solutions, presented his plans to colonize the Red Planet. The Interplanetary Transport System (ITS), which has just been unveiled, is to help with this.

Elon Musk at the conference in Guadalajara during the 67. International Astronautical Congress shared his vision of Mars colonization. He pointed out early on that humanity must become an interplanetary species in order to survive. And this can only happen if the cost of transport to the Red Planet is lowered.

Musk is a visionary, a dreamer and a billionaire all in one. At the age of 12, he already sold the first computer game of his own production. In a dozen or so years he has built from scratch the SpaceX company, whichóUrsus successfully competes with NASA in the pioneering field of electricóin space. His other company – Tesla Motors – has revolutionized the car marketóin electric cars. He was born in South Africa and is a Mars colonization maniac.

Mars is the closest planet to Earth, on whichóhuman being mówould inhabit. And he is „near”. Musk argued during the speech that this planet is the best option for humans.

According to estimatesóin whichóre presented by Musk, the cost of flying one person to Mars will beófossil fuel by traditional methods about 10 billionóin a dollaróin, but to be able to móto talk about any kind of colonization, the price of transportation has to be much lower. Musk, as befits a visionary, has completely changed the approach to space exploration and proposed a separate method from the traditional. According to his vision, the flightóinto space, the price of transporting one person to Mars would be less than 200 thousand dollarsów.

Musk, whoóThe company’s assets are worth more than 13 billion eurosóin a dollaróUrsus wants to do it with the help of one of its companies – SpaceX, whichóra has already managed to revolutionise the approach to flightóinto space by developing reusable rockets. Musk presented the concept of an interplanetary transport system. Interplanetary Transport System primarily involves changing the fuel. Methane or liquid oxygen is involved. Rockets, like SapceX, must be reusable. In addition, refueling on orbit will reduce costs tenfold. And for the whole thing to succeed, the fuel must also be produced on Mars.

However, to make it all work you need volunteers. And that’s a lot of it, because Musk wants to ship one at a time in a commuteró100 people to the Red Planetób. And to make a colony on Mars self-sustaining, about a million wasps need to be resettled thereób. It will take about 40 to 100 years. First ship móWould launch as early as late 2022. But that’s not all, the interplanetary system is intended not only for flightóto Mars. The entire Solar System is open to humanity.

The entirety of Musk’s far-reaching vision of colonizing Mars was laced with a mass of detailedóof information. Even chemical reactions are shown, for whichówith the help of which it will be possible to obtain fuel from the materialóin located on Mars. Financing visionary sees public-private partnership. At the end of the speech, Musk admitted that he hopes his speech will infect the masses of people with the concept of colonizing Mars.

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