Cute little cats can kill you

Cute kittens attract the attention of many people. They are treated like a pet mascot primarily by children. That’s why the internet is filled to the brim with photos of little kittens. But scientists warn against close contact with an animal. It can cause a dangerous disease.

Cute little cats can kill you. Doctors gathered at the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionób in the United States conducted a large-scale study of a disease transmitted primarily by small cats called cat claw fever. This disease can even lead to death in extreme cases.

Cat scratch fever in most casesóis asymptomatic. However, in the osób with impaired immune systems, and such peopleób is increasing, the course of the disease could be much more severe. In extreme cases, the condition can lead to dangerous complications – to inflammation of the móThe health status of sick wasps.

– The scope and impact of the disease is a bit larger than we thought – said Dr Christina Nelson, who is studying. – If we can identify disease patterns, we can focus on prevention – added Nelson.

Many more cats are infected with the bacteria that causes cat scratch feveróthan previously thought. That’s what the study says. Doctors advise to always wash hands after contact with cat. They also advise avoiding kissing catsóin and scratches.