Intriguing reports from Egypt. New tombs of the pharaohs have been discovered?

Potential tombs of pharaohsóThe tomb was discovered near a busy tourist road. A two-metre-high wall was unearthed there, whichóra suggests that there may be burial chambers under the sand. Thanks to the fragments of mortar found in the probe, it was possible to carry out dating. According to him, the structure was built in about 2278-2184 BC.

The Ministry of Antiquities has confirmed that they have found „compelling evidence” to the existence of a previously unknown tomb. It is not clear what the mysterious crypts hide.

– The discovery dramatically changes our understanding of the landscape of this burial ground from the Old Kingdom and the First Transitional Period. I don’t think that at this stage anyone will be able to determine who lies in these tombs – said Carl Grave, a doctoral student from the University of Birmingham who took part in the excavation.

The end of the year can be considered good for the archaeologistóat work in Egypt. At the end of November it was reported that the remains of an ancient city. Read more in this article Egypt: an ancient city from 7000 years ago has been discovered.