Microsoft announces a solution to the cancer problem

American giant Microsoft has announced that it will tackle cancer within the next decade. Microsoft intends to use the latest IT solutions to reprogram cancer cells, because, according to the company’s researchers, the cancer problem is a computational problem.

The giant from Redmond has already established a special team to fight canceróspecialistóin biology, engineering and programming, whichóThey will work in the newly established Microsoft laboratory. According to the loudest announcements, the problem of cancer will disappear once and for all and within the next ten years.

ComóCancer cells were treated as if they were a computer virus. Bill Gates’ company authorities want to crack the code of comócancerous tumors and program them to work in a way that is beneficial to health.

Scientists are supposed to helpóc a special molecular computer thatóThe gRNA would run its calculations inside the cellórek. Computer built from m DNAóThe spacecraft would have been able to continuously monitor its health and detect not only comócancer cells, but also other health-threatening changes.

Andrew Philips, który leader of the newly established team claims that it will take scientists 5-10 years to develop such technology. It sounds unbelievable, as the problem has been troubling the brightest minds for decades, but we’re rooting for Microsoft.