Motherless baby? A new insemination technique has been developed

Researchers at the University of Bath and the University of Regensburg have developed a new fertilization technique in which an egg cell is not required. The experiment was carried out on mice, but in the future the technique will probably also be used in humans.

Until recently, it was thought that a female cell was required to create lifeóegg. The researchers, however, disregarded the dogma and combined a sperm with a cellóbut from the cellsóby a female sperm cellóry. The entire technique was published in the journal „Nature Communications”. In a largeóthe technique is based on pathogenesis. Researchers manipulate the comóThe experiment was carried out in mice, but it is likely that the technique will also be used in humans in the futureóThe offspring, to whichóThe technique has a high success rate.

The experiment resulted in healthy mouse offspring. The efficiency of the technique varies around 25. proc. A new method was used to avoid a genetic disease called ovum.

Study opens up entirely new possibilities. If this technology were improved and could be used in humans, it would open a new way for couples affected by infertility to have children. It can also save many speciesóin endangered species. It will be possible for homosexual couples to have children, and it will be possible to have offspring with oneself.