2-year-old from Poland holds the record. He survived freezing temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius. C.

2-year-old from Poland holds the record. It survived freezing temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius. C.

2-year-old Adaś from Racławice, who was taken to a Krakow hospital in a state of extreme cold, has been released from a pharmacological coma and his life is not threatened. It is almost a miracle that a boy could be saved after being so cold. The whole world is now writing about the story from Poland.

2-year-old Adaś snuck out in his pyjamas póat night from his grandmother’s house. The search for the boy lasted several hours. The temperature then reached – 10 degrees Celsius. He was found by a policeman, whoóry immediately started the resuscitation action.

When the boy was hospitalized, his body temperature was 12.7 degrees Celsius. In such an extreme case of hypothermia, doctors did not give the child much of a chance. Adaś was connected to the UCMO, a device thatóThe new method is designed to. extracorporeal blood oxygenation. The child was put into a pharmacological coma. It was also hooked up to a respirator.

Thanks to the efforts of doctors from the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Clinic at the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow Prokocim under the leadership of Professor Janusz Skalski, a 2-year-old boy survived. – Móso it is very brave to say that this is a success. If the child has awakened after such an experience that it is capital news. A child whoóre already been in the other world, is with us. Wróhas returned to the world of the living. I have the courage mótalk about a miracle. What we dreamed of has happened. There is no doubt that this is a unique incident on a global scale – Skalski told journalists.

The doctor is right, Adasio’s case is unique on a global scale. According to the registered casesóin hypothermia in the world, the most chilled person whoóThe boy’s life was saved, he had a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius when he arrived at the hospital. It is a 7-year old boy, whoóThe method was found off the coast of sweden in 2010. Seven-tenths of a ton more than the 29-year-old, who wasóThe ra was in a skiing accident and for almost póShe spent one and a half hours in icy water.

A drop in body temperature in humans to 30 degrees Celsius. C. is life-threatening. Causes progressive loss of consciousness. Muscles stiffen. When chilled out, it can resemble someone under the influence of alcohol. If the body temperature drops to about 26 degrees Celsius, the risk of death increases. C. a profound loss of consciousness occurs. Lowering the temperature one degree lower sharply increases the risk of death. A further drop in temperature usually means death. Cardiac arrest can occur. Of course, the temperatures given depend on the individualóThe treatment increases patient survival.

But hypothermia can also be useful. It is used during transplantationów. Also, when the heart stops the body temperature is lowered to about 34-32 deg. C. Such treatment increases patient survival rateów.

About the Polish „miracle” as reported by media around the world. Articles about the success of Polish doctors can be found on the following pages "The Guardian", "Le Parisien", "BBC", "Daily Mail", "Euronews", "Sun Herald", as well as on a news portal from the United Emiratesóin Arabia.

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