“American Nobels” 2016 handed out

Lasker prizes, as they are referred to, are referred to as „American Nobels”. WyróThe award has been given to living scientists since 1946 by the Laser Foundation, founded by an advertising pioneer. The award is given in four categories: basic medical research, clinical medical research, special achievements in medicine, and distinguished public service – this award is named after Lasker’s wife, Mary Woodard Laser.

In the first category, the wyróWilliam G. Kaelin Jr. from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, Peter J. Ratcliffe of the Francis Crick Institute of Oxford University and Gregg L. Semenz of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for revealing the mechanism by whichórego comórks detect changes in oxygen concentration.

The prize in the second category was awarded to Ralf F.W. Bartenschlager of the University of Heidelberg, Charles M. Rice's work at Rockefeller University and Michael J. Sofia of Arbutus Biopharma for inventing a way to multiply the hepatitis C virus.

Lasker Awards, photo: Lasker Foundation

In the third category, the winner was Bruce M. Alberts of the University of California studies on DNA replication and for his research on protein biochemistry. The im award. Mary Woodard Laser was not awarded the.

The Lasker awards are considered very prestigiousrósustenance. 86 spród its laureateów have also won a Nobel Prize in Physiotherapy or Medicine.