Chinese dreams of power. The Middle Kingdom plans to conquer space

The plans of the Middle Kingdom for the conquest of space are impressive. By 2018, they want to be the first country in the world to land on the dark side of the moon. They plan to send a probe to Mars by 2020.

„To explore the vastness of space, develop the space industry and make China a space power –It’s a dream to whichóWe are relentlessly pursuing” – we can read in the development strategy for the next five years. Document mówi also about using space for peaceful purposes, guaranteeing national security and conducting cutting-edge research in space.

Strategy announced confirms China’s space ambitions. The Middle Kingdom is not about to give up the field in the space race, although the United States and Russia have far more experience. Despite this, the Chinese shorten the distance at a rapid pace.

China carried out its first space mission in 2003. They have since managed to plant a rover on the moon – first object on the moon since the 1970s. – and conduct a spacewalk. They have conducted six manned missions. They launched róThe Chinese government also launched into orbit an experimental space station – Tiangong 2, whichóra in the next six years to be permanently inhabited by an astronautów.

However, the failures must also be mentioned. China lost control of the Tiangong-1 space station module in September. The module stopped responding to commands and the structure, which weighs over eight tons, may fall down to the Earth next year. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer the question of where it will fall. More on this subject in the text China has lost control over its space station.