The deepest underwater cave in the world located by the Poles

Polish speleologist Krzysztof Starnawski and his team confirmed that the deepest underwater cave in the world is located in the Czech Republic. This was accomplished by a remote-controlled robot led by the Poles, which reached the bottom of the Hranicka Propost cave, determining that it is 404 meters deep.

After the research, the PoleóHranicka Propost has overtaken Italy’s Pozzo de Merro cave, whichóra is 392 meters deep. Wspóhe Polish-Czech expedition was organised by the magazine „National Geographic”, który was also the first to write about the new record.

Starnawski has specialized in exploring underwater caves for years. In July this year, the speleologist broke the world record in closed circuit diving (CCR), descending to the depth of 278 metersów. The record was broken in the Albanian cave Viroit.

Polish speleologist had already had contact with the Czech cave before. First time in 1999. W póIn recent years, he managed to descend to a depth of more than 200 metersów. Below you can see the interview with Krzysztof Starnawski before the proof of its depth.