Scientists “have turned back the age of” mice thanks to. young blood

An idea taken from movies about Count Dracula was confirmed in an experiment by Alkahest. Company researchers managed to rejuvenate a mouse by injecting it with blood plasma from an 18-year-old human.

The results of the experiment were presented at the Neurological Society convention in San Diego. Alkahest researchers gave a 12-month-old mouse six injections over three weeksóThe rodent, which has been treated with the blood plasma of an 18-year-old human. A 12-month-old mouse, on whichóThe experiment was conducted in a way that, for the conditions of its species, it was already an older individual. Its performance in fitness tests and memory and behavioral tests was getting worse, but everything changed after the experiment ended.

The treatment caused the rodent to recoverót to physical performance similar to 3-month-old mice. Performance on memory and behavioral tests also improved significantly. Scientists returnóThey focused on the memory test, because the treated mice began to outperform the young individuals.

The Alkahest researchers were able to isolate specific components of blood plasma that are responsible for an effect similar to „the fountain of youth”, but they didn’t want to brag about the detailsó. They revealed only that thanks to the plasma treatment, neurogenesis was stimulated in mice – or the creation of new cellsórec mózgowych.

Future research could be used to treat a range of diseasesób related to m dexterityózgu. Anyway, the next step for the scientistów will test it on elderly people.