Scientists put paralyzed monkeys back on their feet

Researchers from the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne have developed a technology that gives hope to paralyzed people to regain power over their bodies. A breakthrough system called “brain-spine interface” used on Macaque, who has been paralyzed for 6 days, passed the test with flying colors. The monkey started walking again.

This technology could change the lives of many people. Although, as its twóThe first steps, however, have been very promising and there is still a long way to go before it can be used in humans. Swiss scientists are boasting that this is the first time ever that they have managed to get a paralyzed primate back on its feet.

How it works? Signal from mózgu, with a so-called. of the motor cortex, an area in the frontal lobe responsible for planning and executing movementsóin any part of the body, travels along the spine, where it is then sent to the appropriate places. This is what happens in a healthy person. However, if the spine is damaged, the signal does not reach the desired locations.

Researchers from the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL) have applied a solution thatóre bypasses the damaged part of the spine to get the signal to the right places. „Brain-spine interface” reconnects the entire body to the spinal column. The implant installed in the area of motor cortex wirelessly connects with a computer, which analyzes the signal and sends it to electrodes installed below the damaged section of the spine.

The key to making this technology work was getting the signal rightów z móFrom. That’s what made it possible „understand” motor cortex language and apply it to an electronic implant. The effect of the device developed by the scientistów with EPFL resembles a miracle. The monkey started walking immediately after turning on the device. Without any rehabilitation. As if nothing had happened. The results were published in a prestigious journal „Nature”.