Donald Trump a threat to climate? Paris agreement in the trash?

President-elect Donald Trump became famous for statements denying climate change during the U.S. presidential campaign. The most famous is the one in which he said that “climate change is a hoax created by China to reduce the competitiveness of American industry”. After the Americans’ decision, there was concern around the world about the implementation of the Paris climate summit last year.

In December 2015 in Paris, 195 countryów world agreed to adopt and implement an agreement to limit climate change. This is the first such agreement in history adopted by such a large group. To that by the biggest polluters on the planet – US, China and India. Ogólne resolve to mówi, about reducing gas emissionsóin greenhouse gases and to keep the increase in global temperature (because it is impossible to stop) much lower than 2 degrees Celsius. by Celsius.

The provisions of the summit were warmly welcomed in scientific and environmental circles. But the positive picture has been spoiled by Donald Trump, and more so by his statements about rising global temperatures. After the election of the Americanów has raised concerns that the U.S. will not implement the Paris accords. And if they don’t, it’s hard to expect China or India to go that route.

However, as experts point out, in the U.S. each state has a lot of freedom in introducing regulations and Trump’s decisions are not necessarily binding for the entire statesóin the United. On the other hand, Trump will have the support of both houses of Congress, któThe centrally controlled economy will have an easier time switching to renewables, which are dominated by Republicansóand could easily reject the Paris agreement. Anyway, he announced it in the campaign. There are also fears that the incoming president could hamper Barack Obama’s initiatives to move away from a carbon-based economy, renewable sources ofóenergy sources, the promotion of green models, theóin or vehicleów electric.

It should also be noted that Donald Trump is first and foremost a businessman, and it is possible to make money on renewable energy or electric cars, as demonstrated by Elon Musk with his ventures. So the future of the Paris agreement and the implementation of its provisions is not clear. Trump may back down from the wordóin whichóre móHe spoke during the presidential campaign.

China, whichóre Trump accuses China of spreading so-called. climate lie, appear to be forced to reduce emissions. In Beijing, smog is so bad that residents are fleeing the city. Number of deathsów for this reason goes into the tens of thousands. And while the Chinese government, as history shows, has not reckoned with its citizens, these changes may be in its favor. It will be easier for a centrally controlled economy to switch to renewable energy sourcesóI hope this year Christmas will be snowy and the weather will be good for walking,” concluded the expert.