Nutritionist Let’s try everything from the holiday table, but in reasonable quantities

Nutritionist: try everything from the holiday table, but in reasonable quantities

For people who need to restrict certain foods in their diet due to medical conditions, the holidays seem like a nightmare, but they shouldn’t stress about it. People on a gluten-free diet can replace ordinary flour with maize or buckwheat flour and diabetics should limit foods that raise sugar – advises dietician dr. med. Daria DomaƄska-Senderowska.

You can spróavoid everything from the Christmas Eve or Christmas table, but in reasonable quantities – emphasizes an expert from the Medical University of Lodz.

In her opinion, when it comes to the Christmas diet, above all, the biggest nightmare for everyone is the extra kilograms. Many people can enjoyób is harming his or her health by starving himself or herself before the holiday season in order to móc to indulge at Christmas and then starve themselves again before New Year’s Eve to lose weight.

– Wóthen it is a big problem. The body starts to go crazy, the metabolism starts to make reserves because our body is focused on survival. Therefore, it is not healthy, nor is it a good wayób to get rid of kilosów. That’s why it’s better to have a varied and well-balanced diet before Christmas and then to eat what you feel like during the holiday, but in moderation,” Domanska-Senderowska told PAP.

When it comes to strict dietary exclusions e.g. for people whoób on a gluten-free diet, i.e. those suffering from coeliac disease, the biggest problem in Christmas preparations are flours. – However, by replacing normal flours with maize or buckwheat flour, they can also prepare and consume e.g. dumplings. This is no longer a problem, this nutritional awareness is growing among theód patientóThere are more and more recipesóin, with któThe dietitian added: “However, replacing normal flours with maize or buckwheat is not a good idea.

She also advises people on a gluten-free diet to increase the amount of vegetables or fish in their diet. In the case of sweets, whichóróThe following are also problems for this patient groupów, they can do e.g. Amaranth or quinoa cookies. – These are cereals whichóThey are gluten-free and for these patientsów are safe – added the expert.

In case of diabeticsóIn the case of restricting the intake of someóThe amount of vegetables or fish that people eat on Christmas Eve depends on whether their glucose levels are within normal limits or whether their glucose levels are high. – There are people whoóThe sugars are within the normal range, they are stabilized and a single spike in sugar should not harm them, but if the sugars are high, these people should definitely watch what they eat – she pointed out.

Diabetics should róWe should also remember that the size of the meal also countsóand should consume them in reasonable amounts. – OpróThe quality of the meal is important, but so is the size of the meal. So, if they try to eat meals in which they can eat more than they can eat in which they can eat more than they can eat in which they can eatóThe patient is also missing large amounts of vegetables, which actually have less sugar, or smaller amounts – a smaller piece of cake or two cakes instead of 5 or 10 – this will not significantly increase sugar,” she adds.

To make the holidays more healthy and dietetic, the nutritionist advises instead of frying certain traditional dishes, e.g. carp, prepare it by baking it in foil in the oven. In the Christmas diet on the og ogóThe patients are also lacking large amounts of vegetables, whichóThe size of the meal is also important – In her opinion – it is worth to include a vegetable salad, but not seasoned with mayonnaise, whichóThe food on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day contains large amounts of fats, but e.g. with natural yoghurt. – We should try not to add more fat and calories to the Christmas dishes – said Domanska-Senderowska.

Problems caused by overeating and indigestible Christmas specialties affect everyone: heartburn, indigestion, bóabdominal pain, bloating, constipation. But – according to the nutritionist – we can deal with them.

– For example, we can sprób) Drink more herbal teas, które have róticular properties, e.g. In order to prevent heartburn, we can use teas rich in e.g. “tea”. chamomile or valerian are safe – added the expert. We should be aware that theóThey should also avoid productsów, któIt is also good to use e.g. chamomile or marjoram, which increase the secretion of gastric juice, because it additionally causes the feeling of heartburn. drink water with lemon during the day, która opróand helps in fat digestion, it also induces a feeling of satiety, so we feel less hungryód – pointed out. When it comes to indigestion or bóThe company is also concerned about the future of the global temperature rise, but it is not the only one that is doing well. in the form of grains, whichóThe Paris Agreement is in the bag.

And we should also not forget about exercise and walking, które after holiday meals are highly recommended. – I hope that this year’s Christmas will be snowy and the weather will be favourable for walking,” concluded the expert.

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