Goodbye hangover. Synthetic alcohol will replace regular alcohol by 2050?

Drinking alcohol without unpleasant consequences? We could have already heard about such alcohol a few years ago, but now we are presented with a vision that by 2050 we will be consuming only such alcohol.

Going to the pub or other drunken parties without a hangover? This notion may tempt the lover ofóin good fun. Synthetic alcohol, over whichóThe study, which Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London has been working on for several years, does not cause dry mouth or nausea while retaining the more desirable effects of alcohol consumption. In addition, the next day there is no trace of alcohol consumption.

Non-cat alcohol stimulates these regions of the mózgu, któthat are responsible for a good moodój. It does not affect the areas associated with mood swingsóin or addicted to. It’s designed. TwóThey also made sure it could be easily removed from the body.

Professor Nutt in conversation with „The Independent” said he and his team developed a 90 róThe method of alcohol consumption is one of the most common causes of death in many countries in the worldóin, któLeigh’s drug is a mitochondrial DNA inherited entirely from the mother. They can be made into drinks containing artificial percentages. Someósome are tasteless, others have a tart taste. RóThey are essentially non-toxic and do not cause any harmód to the liver or heart.

Two of these compoundsóTwo of these compounds are undergoing rigorous testing with a view to widespread use.

Synthetic alcohol will improve social health

– Hangover-free synthetic alcohol could replace regular alcohol by 2050 – said Nutt. – On store shelves it will stand alongside scotch or gin. It can be added to drinksóin not causing harmód in his body. In the last 30 years we have learned a great deal about the effects of alcohol on mózg. We know what part of the móThe positive effects of alcohol consumption occur. We can imitate them. And without touching the areaów where alcohol has negative effects, we have no negative consequences – added.

Nutt is known for his rather controversial viewsów. The impact of alcohol on human health has been the subject of almost his entire scientific career. His publicly stated views that alcohol is more dangerous to society than heroin or cocaine have caused an uproar in the UK. In someón other columns, you may have read that consuming ecstasy is safer than riding a horse. Anyway, he repeatedly commented on exaggerating the negative effects ofóin someórych drugófor which he was removed from the Drug Advisory Commission. Drug Abuseów.

Nutt believes that synthetic alcohol will improve social health. Alcohol consumption in many countries of the world is one of the most common causes of deathów. The professor also sees an advantage in the increased productivity of the employeeóin companies around the world.